Benefits of the ecu installation

All of those aspects are signs that you are ready for a perfect power program that will not raise cost by spending too much time at a car repair shop. First of all, the ECU in your vehicle controls a variety of engine related functions. Tweaking your ECU means removing things like low RPM power restrictions, closed loop fuel maps, error codes when changing parts, and a slew of other options.

It enables you to take a lackluster motorcycle with twitchy throttle control and turn it into that smooth powerful road monster you expected.

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Tighter regulations for emissions, engine efficiency, and performance have resulted in Benefits of the ecu installation improvements and this is in large part due to changes in the electronics driving the motors rather than the basic internal combustion mechanics.

Running leaner than factory can sometimes improve throttle and power, but too lean can fry an engine and burn a hole in a piston or two. Everything listed makes the throttle response smoother and adds some horsepower. Much like the age old question of "Do I need a fuel tuner when changing a slip on?

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Getting to the point where the car starts is often one of the most difficult tasks. Tuning your ECU can eliminate some if not all of these compromises and make any modifications you do more effective. Yamaha uses this to help with emissions; in practical every day riding this makes the throttle response when going from full closed to open twitchy and unruly.

You will no longer have to worry about paying for car tuning as long as you have an efficient car engine management. If you are reading this article, you are probably sitting on the fence or wondering about purchasing a standalone ECU Engine Control Unit for your vehicle.

It is relatively easy to tune a vehicle at WOT for maximum power, but more time consuming to fine tune low load conditions, tip-in transitions, and weather related compensations.

In many cases, this can be very costly. Programming also removed the factory fuel cut off. If you do not have a portable computer set-up it is also not recommended because the systems functions with it. Being able to control the system will ensure that you are not spending another moment at the local repair shop.

You should not use the unit if your current engine unit is faulty and getting a substitute will be overpriced. One of the best parts of modern fuel injection is the "set it and forget it" stability and peace of mind it offers. However, it does not act as a substitution for your current fueling system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.Is ECU tuning right for you? That is a tough question to answer. Much like the age old question of "Do I need a fuel tuner when changing a slip on?".

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Understanding Standalone ECUs – Part 1

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(Does not apply to already discounted merchandise and a few special items) Free installation on most car batteries standard. Oct 11,  · Benefits Of An Engine Management System (ECU) Posted on October 11, by Alex • 0 Comments Many individuals have the possibility to create a more efficient performing vehicle by adding an engine management system to their car/5(10).

Benefits of ECU Tuning Increase HP & TQ By uploading new software to the car’s Engine Control Unit, or ECU, we can make adjustments to engine parameters, such as boost, ignition timing, cam timing, fuel injection, and more to increase the output of the vehicle’s engine. There are lots of benefits to having a standalone installed, but remember that it should be done for the right reasons.

I recently purchased and installed my Stratified PNP MS ecu. The ease of installation and support from Alex and his team is remarkable. My car idles,and runs great, and is now more “tunable” than ever. I highly.

Benefits of the ecu installation
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